Thappad Movie Trailer

Watch the trailer of the movie.  watch the trailer of the movie. Taapsee has performed well in the film. And also she is my favorite.

Thappad Movie Story

    Thappad is an upcoming Bollywood Hindi Drama movie. Taapsee Paan plays Amrita in the movie. Her mind is shattered when her husband slaps her once. Amrita's story deserves to be seen in the film as well as the consequences of her party and how much she is suffering because of it. The film will be released on Feb 28th, 2020.

    Thappad Movie Cast & Crew

    • Taapsee Pannu as Amrita
    • Pavail Gulati as Amrita's husband
    • Ratna Pathak Shah
    • Tanvi Azmi
    • Dia Mirza
    • Ram Kapoor
    • Kumud Mishra
    • Nidhi Uttam
    • Manav Kaul
    • Gracy Goswami
    • Sandeep Yadav
    • Directed by Anubhav Sinha
    • Produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Anubhav Sinha
    • Written by Anubhav Sinha, Mrunmayee Lagoo
    • Starring Taapsee Pannu
    • Songs: Anurag Saikia
    • SCore: Mangesh Dhakde
    • Cinematography: Soumik Mukherjee
    • Edited by: Yasha Ramchandani
    • Production company: Benaras Media Works, T-Series
    • Distributed by AA Films
    • Release date 28 February 2020
    • Country India
    • Language Hindi

    Thappad Movie Review

    Coming from a loving and supportive family in Delhi, Amrita's life may have taken a different course in Indian classical dance, but she pursued her dream of becoming a better housewife despite her passion for dance. Vikram is a go-getter and puts his mind and heart on his goals and he does everything in his ability to achieve it. But, in a moment, he realizes that his big dreams are shattered and blames office politics. 

    Vikram hinges - His pent-up frustration is witnessed by his loyal wife, in the form of thunderous claps, loved ones from both sides. And, it triggers a bizarre, emotional war beyond domestic violence. Amrita, who does not account for the incident, questions her life choices and their marriage, while Vikram continues to live in denial and wonders how 'just one slap' could turn into a life-changing moment.

    Anubhav Sinha's 2-hour and 21-minute social drama designed for a society that rarely talks about the psychological and psychological impacts of domestic violence has sparked debate and debate on various grounds. The stress-fueled slap at a party takes the form of a full-blown dialogue about the unspoken rules of marriage (where women are constantly reminded of ki Ghar jauda jaruri hine and their actions are always judged by log ka khenge) and if the husband is out of what he considers a 'casual mistake' Because he was furious Nadu.

    The film takes its own sweet time to express the dynamics of the arranged marriage of Amrita-Vikram and how the two of them get together in a financially unbalanced, yet loving family. Sure, Vikram loves his wife, but he has made a monster out of his career ambitions, which is a good half backed up and with all her heart. Even before the conflict arose, you could see Uber Happy Taapsee making plans of a 'big blue door' at their future London apartment. 

    Obviously, when slapped, her world is changed and the two sides of the family are divided on what is right, what is wrong and how much, and the protocols of marriage in our Indian setting. Regardless of the various opinions thrown at her, Amrita is feisty and determined to air the inner combatant in her, and she stands up for what she really believes - even a slap is outrageous and not okay.

    ‘Thappad’ is not just a film that aimlessly talks about cross-border domestic violence; It brings to light the years of conditioning that a woman subjected to her own family and the society in which she lives. Apart from the couple mentioned above, there are other women in sight too - one who hangs on the idea of ​​the family's grief and the name and heritage, the ultimate destination of marriage, one from the poorer sections of society, who are forced to believe that being beaten by a husband is a norm and a loved one Finding an alternative to overtaking husband and now ex Onataniki suffered. 

    Sinha ties all of these stories to one another and at the right junctions to keep them in touch, without looking in your face about it. It works subtly beautifully because in their lives it is completely contradictory.

    Taapsee, the humble wife, suddenly plunges into the ocean of change within herself, the flares of a performer in this play. In one scene, as she bids farewell to her pivotal role, Taapsee gives a speech soothing to its core. Her character is restrained, and at the same time, she reveals the emotions - pain, disgust, sadness, and anger - in every scene, without saying much. If that's not a spectacular show, we don't know what is. 

    Powell Gulati, as a resolute corporate-slave with very serious life goals, pulls off an impressive performance. You want to hate him for his shortcomings, but his character is no less complicated than the rest. Kumud Mishra Amrita's father - a great supporter of his daughter - and most of the time, he only sticks for her. 

    Mishra's character tells the story of why so many daughters are their fathers. Tanvi Azmi and Ratna Pathak Shah, as Amrita's mother-in-law and mother, play their roles as a tick - carrying the torch of the maternal mentality and trying to inspire the same in the women of the house. However, Maya Sarao, who plays top-level lawyer Netra Jaising, is a weak link in the film. She’s not bad, but the others are so good, she is overshadowed by some real power-filled performances.

    The music of this film (by Anurag Saikia) is beautifully accentuated and blends into the narrative. It is safe to say that Anubhav Sinha has best served his career in the social drama of these strong words. 

    He deserves applause for the depth-management of the various characters in the film, their grays, complexities, and ambiguities, without ever speaking too loudly or too hard to make a statement. Nevertheless, the film manages to be a visual point of the home and enough to make you think. The fine and subtle work by Sinha and Mrinmayi Lagu deserves special mention, as is the film.

    To sum up, 'Thappad' is a silent slap on the old-belief of our society. But, honestly, should it be so? And we need to start talking about it… now!

    Thappad Movie Box Office Collection

    Taapsee Pannu who started her career with South films has established herself as one of the most banking actresses in Bollywood. Her recent release, 'Thappad', caught the attention of everyone before the release of the film, which could earn another Rs 1.50 crore on the domestic circuit due to the sensitive material of the film.

    According to the latest Box Office India report, Anubhav Sinha's directorial debut has reached a total of Rs.28.29 crore. The movie, which ended with Rs 20.89 crore in the first week, earned another Rs 7.40 crore in the second week. The film has fostered due to Holi and is now expected to close in the second week at around Rs 9 crore.

    The film is facing stiff competition from Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor's 'Baaghi 3', which feels like a juggernaut run at the box office. Meanwhile, talking about her role in 'Thappad,' my character is very patient. She listens to all of this, analyzes it all in her head, and wonders if she can push it too much. She realizes that she cannot respect the relationship, and she decides to stop it It cannot be the same because it is no longer in that relationship. "

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